The tricky thing with this show is that it is a story about two men and their relationship.  But if it were just about male point of views, it wouldn’t be interesting.  I feel like we haven’t done as good of a job, in Season 2, of representing the female characters and their point of view of the world.  I think there’s a greater opportunity in Season 3 to do that, and do more of that.  In Season 2, we knew the story was about these two guys, and everybody else around them were pawns.  Jack Crawford was a pawn.  Alana Bloom was a pawn.  It was all about what was between Hannibal and Will Graham.

- Bryan Fuller.

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Regarding the treatment of female characters in the MCU (x)

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Charles/Erik OTP meme

I saw this and thought, let’s do this real quick. ヽ(*・-・)ノ
Three days later, my hand hurts, but I slapped some colours on it anyway. Um… yeah. I just really love them.

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Insanely cool Lord of the Rings posters by artist Patrick Connan.

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Final enemy. It deserves intimacy.

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John Oliver’s message to the Internet Trolls to bombard fcc.gov/comments

Last Week Tonight | 6.1.14 | (x)

so … john oliver has a tumblr account somewhere, right?

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